THE PESTICIDES, a French rock band that plays with raw sounds, ironic lyrics and a staging full of eroticism. They recently released their first EP after the premature passing of their lead guitarist. We have had a conversation with them and we invite you to read it. The band is formed in 2019 by singer Elise Boudeau and lead guitarist Djipi Kraken. In September 2020, drummer Maxime Le Gall, guitarist Sebastien Gz and BASSIST John Cari will join.

Hello, let’s get started:

Yesterday I listened to the EP of the band, it seems to me a very raw, visceral album, similar to the punk of the 80s), as has been the process that the band has had to reach these specific sounds, was it a search or was it something in what all the members agreed from the beginning?

We were all agreed from the beginning. We wanted to have a signature sound: a garage sound that mixed the rawness of punk rock with pop hooks. I wanted to use extreme changes of tempo and volume to express anger and alienation: a quiet, tuneful verse switched into a ferocious, distorted chorus.

I think the band could acquire a wider audience in Latin America, where rock still retains the passion it had in the United States a few decades ago), have you thought about visiting festivals outside of France to show themselves to new languages ​​and new audiences?

Yes, we have thought about this because, for me, doing some festivals around the world means you can reach an extended fan base. As an unsigned band with an internet following, it gives your fans chance to watch you perform live. And of course, it’s an amazing way to discover the world and people.

It seems that rock has once again acquired a clandestine, secondary image and some catalog this reality as the real essence of rock music, how do they observe the alternative music scene in France today?

Nowadays, the alternative music in France is really good, but not so easy to find. However, if you are looking a little closer and listening a little more carefully, you really can discover a huge amount of cool French alternative bands and artists, just waiting to be discovered. 

As they observe the new feminine causes in the world; Can feminist movements influence the next lyrics of the band or are they not interested in representing ideologies of any kind?

I want to encourage women to become more involved in the guy-dominated punk scene. It’s important to express by music and publications our issues. I think, we must express our views on rape, racism, domestic abuse, sexuality and anarchism to make people react. It’s what I’m trying to do every day.

Many people have said that rock has lost its appeal because it has moved away from the intention of narrating the reality of the world and of societies, what do they think rock music needs to return to revolutionize and commominate the world en masse?

Yes, even if rock music is no longer the top dog in music, rock continues to be the biggest genre for album sales. However, according to me, all of this is not really important, I think you create some music not for revolutionizing a genre but for express yourself and trying to give some happiness to people before anything else.

Music continues to be an artistic exercise that allows catharsis on human emotions in relation to the world and history, the Covid-19 pandemic has generated a dangerous pause of cultural events and concerts, as they observed this and in what way they have faced?

Being confined to our homes has been and still are a really difficult experience. We are missing our normal social support from friends and family, and our freedom to control our day-to-day lives. However, I have remarked that making music provides a means to regain control. I take this time for writing and composing with my band to prepare the next album and future concerts.

Do you listen to current bands or do you only listen to already classical and established bands?

I’m listening current bands like Pearler, Yikes, Sin Tonic, Soul Jacker, Starcrawler, Pretty reckless, The Uncles Bikers, Chris Theps, Dirty Honey, Gros Boris, Airbourne ect. And The Soundflowers of course! However, I’m listening also classical and established bands like Leadbelly, Pearl Jam, Iggy, Shonen Knife, Skid Row, REM, Michael Jackson, Patti Smith, Nirvana, Oasis, AIC, The Vaselines, GNR, L7, The Breeders, The Strokes, Soundgarden, The Stooges, Skid Row, Foo Fighters, Leonard Cohen, The Slits, AC/DC, Melvins, Sonic Youth, Metallica, Germs, Beat Happening, Mad Season, Screaming Trees, Mark Lanegan, Malfunkshun, Blind Melon, Wendy O. Williams, Motorhead, etc.

How important is CD and vinyl in your life, what is the favorite format in which you prefer to listen to albums?

I haven’t got any format preference. The answer is simple. It all depends on what your needs are. They have a different sound and different utility. Whether you’re sending demos, doing your own digital music distribution or having a beautiful object … All format are interesting, necessary and useful.

It seems incredible, but there are still people who think that rock is only for men, how do they face these prehistoric prejudices being a band with two twin women?

I’m always ready to stand up for women but, I think is absurd to have created a difference between genders in a first place. The ‘women vs men’ narrative is not one that should exist. I think you just need to be good at what you do. You are either really good at what you do, or you are alright at what you do and maybe you should just practise a bit more: here is the difference.

Artists who retain creativity are quickly condemned to memory, I have read that they are recording and composing new songs, what can we expect from the next material compared to the first album of the band?

We are working now on some new tracks with three new members since the death of my ex-guitarist. Indeed, I have decided to reform the band by a new one but also with a bassist and a drummer and this is new. So, obviously, the sound gonna be different, but still reflect who we are.

Finally, what do you recommend to boys and girls who are hesitating to make a musical career with rock music in the world today?

Fucking believe in yourself be authentic.


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